Alena Khmelnitskaya ceased to hide a new lover

Алёна Хмельницкая перестала скрывать нового возлюбленного

Famous Russian theater and film actress Alyona Khmelnitskaya, ex-wife of Tigran Keosayan, came out with a new lover. The actress admitted that after her divorce from her husband and father of her three daughters did not remain long in sadness. Now Allen is happy in a relationship with Alexander by Shinyshiny.

Recently at the premiere of the musical “Cinderella” in which Khmelnitsky plays the stepmother, in the auditorium of the reporters noticed, not only parents of Alena, came to support his daughter, but also a nice man with whom the relationship was confirmed by the actress.
“Yes, we meet with Sasha, but so far are not forcing events and high-profile statements don’t make any. My family and friends already know and approve of my choice” — said Alain.
Recall that with her ex-husband Khmelnytsky broke up in 2014 after news that he fathered a child from another woman that is now his new wife. Alena not only forgave her husband, but also became friends with his new girlfriend, and now they are family friends.