Алена Бабенко старается быть образцовой бабушкой The star of a new “Crew” is going to help children in the upbringing of the heir. Alena Babenko became a grandmother a year ago and considers himself immensely lucky. The relationship between the actress and her daughter-in-law to be OK.

      Алена Бабенко старается быть образцовой бабушкой

      Honoured artist of Russia Alena Babenko considers himself a happy man. 44-year-old star a year ago for the first time became a grandmother. The son of actress Nikita Babenko was born. 23-year-old heir of the actress from the first marriage with Director Vitaly Babenko called the kid an interesting name Theodore.

      Daughter-in-law Alena, Salome Bauer – creative personality. With her mother-in-law good relations. Babeshko full of strength and energy, she was glad that the guys did not delay the birth of a child. The actress is ready to help children with education of the grandson.

      “I am immensely happy. Thank God, as I go to move, unable to educate, tales to read. I am in favour of children born early and in large numbers. And I am happy that I have a son in normal age married. Did not wait 30 years, not matured, not waited until he accumulated money or something. Well, wrong this position is for our country, it does no good. All this came from the West. This is completely alien to our understanding of life that first build up, play out and then… Nothing like that! Once you’re out of love all make, and get married, and have children, then everything is given, everything is acquired,” says Alena.

      Interestingly, the daughter-in-law stars Salome works as a Director, writer, producer and editor. In 2014, the girl released the debut cortometraje “Dancer”, which describes the short life of dance. Together with her on this project worked and the husband Nikita. Son Babeshko made in the film by the operator. The couple skillfully combines creativity and parental responsibilities. Based on my photos of Nikita, which he publishes in the Itnernet, the mother takes an active part in the life of little Theodore. She often walks with her grandson and is not frightened of her status of grandmother.

      Incidentally, the woman thought, as if she wanted the heir of the family called her when she grows up. Among the many stars now fashionable to call grandparents by name. For example, enter the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. “I don’t know. I heard now a lot of kids for some reason call their moms by name. I was surprised about that. The movie starred a little girl and my mother called the mother, said: “Anya, come here!” – says the actress in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

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