Alena Apina was justified for the “naked ass”

Алена Апина оправдалась за «голую задницу» The singer has responded to critics of her new music video for the song “Proximity”. The video, which appeared recently in the Network did not like much. The video has received a large number of “dislikes allowed”, and the very Apino accused of inappropriate frankness and even plagiarism.

      Алена Апина оправдалась за «голую задницу»

      Recently, 52-year-old singer Alena Apina has presented new video for the track “Intimacy”. After that, the artist came under a barrage of criticism. Internet users believed that the star and mother of a teenage girl should not have to publicly strip naked and show their charms in sexy underwear.

      Bare Alena Apina fighting off the critics in their underwear

      Later Apino accused of plagiarism: some viewers of the video found that her song resembles the song of British singer Jem called “Save Me”.

      Is the celebrity openly admitted to reporters that the incident surprised and do not understand the attacks of spiteful critics. Apina finds your clip is very beautiful and well made. The daughter of singer also watched this video. The girl considers it vulgar or too revealing. The many negative reviews call Xenia a smile.

      “Director Aslan Ahmadov has met very successfully. And the fact that I got there butt naked… you Know, first, it’s not so bad. And then, I think I am still a reasonable person. If there were any problems, I wouldn’t have to show it. And so – that is my real ass, it is. Half of the women in our country after 30 years starting to prepare to the graveyard. I want to remind you that age does not exist, rather, it exists only in our head. Here is a mega-task that stood in front of me”, – shared the singer.
      Алена Апина оправдалась за «голую задницу»

      As for borrowing from foreign singer, Alena Apina didn’t think they were intentional. According to the artist, people who worked with her, hardly familiar with the work of British singer. Apina also never heard her songs before.

      Recall that the Director of the video “Proximity” has become a well-known photographer and former member of the “Voices” Aslan Akhmadov. First Alena Apina invited him to his program on the radio, and then let him hear a new song. Akhmadov came up with the idea to make a video for it. According to the actress, her memorable images came up with the Aslan.

      The premiere took place in early January. The video has caused mixed reactions in the Network. After some time Apina replied to critics with a post on Instagram. “I have this morning got the Boxing gloves and the heavy bag up! Your “old age crazy” beat off with one hand! Want a secret? Age does not exist, and I know a lot of other leads… I swear, I tell you very important things! Eh!” – stated the star.

      The actress also confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in that feel at ease on set. According to Epinoy, it is not used for a long time to be in underwear in front of the public. However, for a new clip Alain had to overcome his fears.