Alena Apina stirred the spicy video with a young man

Алена Апина взбудоражила пикантным видео с молодым мужчиной The singer shared a provocative video for a new song “bond Girl”, the plot of which she had an affair with a sexy brunette model appearance. The video was directed by Aslan Ahmadov, who previously worked on the video for the song “Proximity”.

Singer Alena Apina came out with a new video for the track “bond Girl”. The movie stars, which was directed by Aslan Ahmadov, was very candid and intriguing. The plot of the video Alena plays a fatal temptress, who had an affair with a sexy brunette model appearance. Couple forced to hide their passionate relationship from the public, fearing possible persecution.

In the song Alena has the following lines that reveal the plot of the clip:

We is caught red-handed.
Phantom pain full I am.
Who are you, who are we?
The situation of illegal;
And I, as a bond girl.
Kiss me goodbye!
Leaving from the reality in the fiction.

In the new video you can find quite a few emotional frames that have excited fans of the singer even before its release. Alena Apina was not afraid to take part in explicit scenes obtained spectacular and extremely hot. The singer has done a fine job with his role and has shown that is in great shape.

Fans of Alena’s Epinoy congratulated her on the premiere and wished all the best. According to connoisseurs of the singer, the video turned out to be extremely successful. “Very cool”, “Good”, “Boldly”, “You are super”, “video Clip gorgeous, I love it! It’s a great song”, “Hot”, “Thank you happy with my songs,” wrote the fans of a celebrity.

We will add that yesterday in Moscow hosted a presentation of the long-awaited roller Alena’s Ipinoy. To congratulate the artist with the release of a new video came many celebrities, including Natalia gulkin, Dominik Joker, Margarita Suhankina, Svetlana Lazarev, Brandon stone, Victor Saltykov, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Nike Borzov, Yelena Valyushkina, Arthur Gasparyan, Ilya Legostaev and Shura. The audience found that clip Epinoy filmed in the best traditions of European cinema.

Алена Апина взбудоражила пикантным видео с молодым мужчиной