Alena Apina showed passion with half-naked man

Алена Апина показала страсть с полуобнаженным мужчиной The singer shocked Frank frame from filming the new video for the song “bond Girl”. The Director of the movie was Aslan Akhmadov previously shot video of the star for the song “Proximity”. The artist promises to surprise and please their fans.

      Recently Alena Apina has intrigued fans the good news. The actress announced to fans that he plans to present the long-awaited work. In the video for the song “bond Girl”, which the audience will see very soon, the singer promises a lot of surprises for fans. The producer of the clip, the singer became Aslan Akhmadov, already familiar to the fans of the star.

      “You should wish me a huge break a leg! Tomorrow we remove the “bond Girl”. The second step is much harder than the first. And it depends on whether there will be a third! Tomorrow I will upload the reports from the front!.. Aslan said that “Intimacy” – they were flowers…” – shared the actress the day before the start of the video.

      After some time the singer has posted some “hot” shots from the shoot in which she appears in a seductive manner. Any pictures of Alena Apina posing with a young half-naked male model looks. Actor passionately hugging a star, try sexy underwear.

      The shared celebrity, caused a strong reaction among users of social networks. They found that the singer is in amazing shape, and wished her luck in working on a new video. “Wow, hot!”, “Oh, Bravo, Alan! Nothing to be one in the frame! Then tell me, how did shooting in this episode – worried?” “Good, I rejoice in your courage”, “Apina broke free – works”, “Wow, that’s brave,” “Everything is beautiful” – discussed by fans of the artist.

      Some fans of the star have found that it is very similar to the French singer Mylene Farmer. Red-haired beauty regularly pleases fans with candid photos and provocative videos. Fans of Alena’s Epinoy think that she copy foreign colleagues.

      We will remind also that in January of this year, the Russian singer has presented a vivid and memorable video for the song “Proximity”. In the video, which was directed by Aslan Ahmadov, Alena Apina changed several stylish and provocative imagery. The plot of the movie actress posing in lingerie, languid sigh. Some social media users criticized the work of the stars. “I have this morning got the Boxing gloves and the heavy bag up! Your “old age crazy” beat off with one hand! Want a secret? Age does not exist, and I know a lot of other leads…” – with these words, the singer responded to the comments of detractors. Bare Alena Apina fighting off the critics in their underwear