Alena Apina much prettier

Алена Апина заметно похорошела

The parting with her husband benefited from Russian singer Alena Apinoj. Saying about the upcoming divorce with her husband Alexander Iratov artist published on his page in the social network a number of photos of the authorship of Aslan Akhmadov, the capital of the famous photographer and stylist.

From the pictures looks rejuvenated and refreshed Alena Apina, very similar to the one that sang to us about love 25 years ago.
Recall that with your spouse Apina decided to leave due to the fact that they have cooled to each other and become strangers. According to some, Iratov already left for the United States, and the daughter Xenia stayed with her mother. For the sake of her Alena asked the media to leave them alone and not to disturb during this difficult family period.