Alena Apina is divorcing her husband-producer

Алёна Апина разводится с мужем-продюсером

Singer Alena Apina broke up with her husband, producer Alexander Iratov. According to the artist, the decision to divorce was not a spontaneous and unilateral, and they both came to this idea, tired of this no family life. Alena said that cheating is not the issue, just fatigue.

“Our divorce is not guilty. Neither I, nor Sasha didn’t meet anyone new. Just over time we started to get tired from each other, lost all contact points, the interests become different, and at some point I realized that a divorce is imminent,” said Apina.
The actress admitted that first husband was opposed to separate, finally and irrevocably, but Apina feels for each of them a divorce would be the cure.
“I’m optimistic about the future, continues to write music, plays for children, stage plays. I’m interested in everything!” — said Alain in an interview with TV guide.
The marriage of Alena and Alexander’s daughter Kseniya, who is now fourteen years old. The couple hope that her daughter will understand their decision and I will accept that at adolescence very difficult to do. For the sake of daughter spouse can maintain a friendly relationship.
Recall that the couple met in Uzbekistan, when Allen was the soloist of group “the Combination”. For the sake of new love Apina left the group and began a solo career. Alexander was not only her husband but also her producer.