Alena Apina has flashed a boob on the set of the provocative clip

Алена Апина сверкнула грудью на съемках провокационного клипа In Moscow recently finished shooting a new video pop singer. Alena Apina is going to surprise fans joint work with Natasha Krasnova, also known as Black Russian Mama. Artist going to publicly appeal to all men.
Алена Апина сверкнула грудью на съемках провокационного клипа

Alena Apina is preparing to surprise the audience with an unexpected duet with blogger and participant of the show “Comedy battle” Natasha Krasnova, recording songs under the name Black Russian Mama. Viewers will be able to evaluate their video for the song together “Tackles” on December 16.

According to Natasha Krasnova, they Alena decided to combine their efforts to make an appeal to men. The actress decided to ask the representatives of the stronger sex to be more creative when meeting with girls.

“It’s not just the track, and a Manifesto that simply have to maintain are tired of banal compliments women. Sharp, sassy, socially, uncompromising and adverbs as you want. We’re not trying to hypnoti, just tell the truth,” said Krasnov.
Алена Апина сверкнула грудью на съемках провокационного клипа

The filming took place in Moscow in November. Alena intrigued fans videos and photos made during work on the clip. Connoisseurs Epinoy will see it in several vivid images: the star tried on a short dress in sequin and red outfit with a plunging neckline.

Instagram celebrity appeared a picture in which she poses in front of a mirror. Followers of Alena was delighted with her appearance, and wrote the artist a great number of compliments. “Chic,” “the Photographer really caught the right moment. It will be interesting, and Epinoy there is no other way”, “Beautiful”, “Waiting”, “Interesting image”, “Bravo”, – commented the fans of the singer. One of podeschi stars and even compare her with Margaret from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Алена Апина сверкнула грудью на съемках провокационного клипа

Commenting on the new work Krasnova, Apina admitted that he took part in an unusual experiment. In recognition of the singer, she received a lot of positive emotions while working on the video.

“Well! I discovered another door in the entertainment industry. Do not rush to throw at me in different words, they say what you eat, wear and say. It’s fun. Just when Black Russian Mama offers to dance, then to refuse is not necessary. Yes… And about the age is also not necessary. It was in last time, and age simply does not exist”, – said Alena.

We will remind that the project of Black Russian Mama appeared four months ago. The first track hip-hop singer was the song “Buzova, don’t sing” in which Natasha Krasnov spoke negatively about the work of a famous TV presenter. The video for this song garnered over 1.6 million views on YouTube. In the future, the blogger has pleased fans with tracks like “coming Soon TV” and “Sleepy.” Resident “Comedy battle” explained why publicly humiliated Olga Buzova

Алена Апина сверкнула грудью на съемках провокационного клипа