Alena Apina explained why he chose a vicious young man

Алена Апина объяснила, почему выбрала порочного юношу The singer told how he filmed scenes of her new music video. In the video, which will be released in late April, the actress appeared in a half-naked form. Partner Epinoy was a young man named Dmitri, who, in her opinion, interested in any girl.

      Soon Alena Apina will release the second provocative video for “bond Girl”. Video presentation will be held in late April. In the microblog actress has already appeared the first pictures taken during the filming of the video. Directed by Aslan Ahmadov, with whom the singer has already worked on “Closeness”. Alena Apina showed passion with half-naked man

      Despite condemnation from the public after the release of the last video, Alena has decided to re-appear half-naked. The artist believes that after 40 years the woman is still attractive and seductive. She advises other women not to be ashamed of her appearance, but rather to work on themselves and whenever possible to demonstrate sexuality.

      “Instead of criticizing me flying only poisonous and fetid splash. And if I pay attention, it may be poisonous. Monica Bellucci played the bond girl. And I’ll fight and prove by their example that women after forty, everything is just beginning,” said the star of the 90s.

      By the way, the role of the famous spy has taken a sexy young guy with tattoos. Many followers Alena was delighted when he saw the body macho. Apina does not hide that she enjoyed working with the man.

      “Very nice young man, which combines the charm and depravity. At least, it can be seen in the frame. The girl behind this will only to destruction. Although the platform Dima was a very nice person and a nice person”, – says Alain.

      Many have linked the new provocative clips of the actress that she recently broke up with her husband Alexander, who spent 20 years in marriage. Changes in his personal life pushed Apino to write new songs and change the pop image.

      “Director Aslan Ahmadov also believed that the previous clip “Closeness” is quite provocative, shocking for me and that experiments can be completed. But then again, you need to sing something nice, beautiful in the style of Epinoy or style that can be heard everywhere. I spent a long time arguing, almost a month and a half strongly urged him: saying “a” you need to talk and “b”. Don’t know where I got this courage, but I am very confident that it is now doing,” said Alain in an interview Womanhit.