Alena Apina divorce after 25 years of marriage

Алена Апина разводится после 25 лет брака

Family life of the singer with producer Alexander Iratov came disorder.

The news that the personal life of the stars came the black strip has left fans in shock. Fans of the soloist of group “the Combination” can’t believe what happened, after all, with her husband, producer Alexander Iratov Alena was happy for more than 20 years, they have a daughter Xenia, which in December will celebrate 15 years.

More recently, the actress shared with Woman’s Day revelations about how she and her husband are preparing for the fact that soon my daughter will appear to the suitors.

“My husband is trying, though with difficulty, to imagine how our house will hang around a hairy man. When it sounded, I was horrified: a nightmare, but when that will happen. And should be treated differently. The good news is that everything we just said will not happen tomorrow,” said Allen.

In their marriage, it would seem that it was a mutual understanding and a sudden divorce…

Apina itself from comments while has refrained, though her phone torn from calls. Now in first place for Alyona daughter and her mental state.

“I don’t want to give reviews because I’m afraid that it will affect the child”, – quotes the words of a star “StarHit”.

Fans of the star sincerely hope that Alena with her husband will improve, and the couple decide to divorce. Still, they are so many years together!

Recall that recently the public was shocked by yet another divorce, as it turned out, the husband of Tatyana Bulanova, trainer of “Zenith” Vlad Radimov, left to her close friend. About her grief, the singer said via Instagram.