Alena Apina decided to have a Frank conversation about your divorce

Алёна Апина решилась на откровенный разговор о своем разводе
The singer explained why she separated from her husband after 25 years of relationship.

Alena Apina husband

Photo: @neapina Instagram Alena’s Epinoy

A few days ago, the Network appeared information about the fact that Alena Apina filed for divorce. Members of the press and her fans couldn’t believe it, so literally attacked the singer with questions. Alena kept silence, resulting in the media suspected that Apina could have caught husband cheating. After that, the actress finally decided to explain his decision to once and for all to avoid further gossip.

“Yes. I’m filing for divorce. This period of my life ends. It was very big and for many of you is very beautiful. But life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love and there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time. Thank you all for your participation and excitement. And try less to discuss it. Today the most important thing is not to bring the problems of our daughter. Everything else is not modify. And life does not end!” — said Alain.

Relations Alena Apina with Alexander Iratov lasted 25 years. The couple never hid the fact that the character is very different, but this did not prevent them to live happily in marriage. Even in the summer, Alyona and Alexander rested together in Mallorca.