Alena Apina boasted grown-up daughter

Алена Апина похвасталась повзрослевшей дочкой Xenia is very similar to the mother. Fans of the singer in awe of the only child stars and note that over the years, the daughter of Katya LEL only prettier. Perhaps in the future she will be an artist — all thanks to the lessons honored artist.

      Алена Апина похвасталась повзрослевшей дочкой

      51-year-old honored artist and star of the 90s Alena Apina recently shared with his fans photos of 15-year-old daughter Xenia. The girl is actively involved in the artistic life of his native school, which is located in Odintsovo. Xenia grows very artistic. She loves to dance and is in the performances, trying on new images.

      Members of the popular singer was glad for her child. They marveled at how quickly she has grown and how much she looks like mom. “She’s an adult!”, “Your Xenia do not know”, “can’t wait to see the video with her performance, She didn’t even know, is becoming more and more like a mother”, “every day Xenia only prettier,” expressed their emotions, friends and fans of Katya LEL.

      Алена Апина похвасталась повзрослевшей дочкой

      We will remind, the daughter Alena, Ksenia was born in 2001 from a surrogate mother. The star was one of the first in the Russian show business, who admitted that he had used such a service. Xenia is the only child actress, the girl was born in Epinoy marriage with producer Alexander Iratov, Their family is considered to be exemplary, because the couple have been together for more than ten years. They met when Alexander was little over thirty, and Alena was just starting his musical career. At first they lived in a civil marriage, but after that decided to register their relationship and since then my beloved shall not leave happy.

      For the sake of his daughter Alena Apina even got a teacher at school, goes to Xenia. Honoured artist of Russia teaches children music and serves as Director of school plays. In recognition of Alena, a teacher does not prevent her to continue to make music, delighting fans with new songs. APIN decided to teach a class for Xenia and the other boys, because the singer didnít like the level of their previous teachers. The artist took the initiative in their own hands, and now she and her classmates regularly take part in various productions, rehearsing over and over and even create their own musical group.

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