Aleksandra Kharitonova and Natalia Varvina staged a fight in front of colleagues

Александра Харитонова и Наталья Варвина устроили драку на глазах у коллег Girls are unable to hold back emotions. During the recording of one of the esters of the TV project “Dom-2” a verbal altercation between Vallinas and Kharitonova escalated into assault. The other guys were in the Studio, hurried to separate Sasha and Natasha.
Александра Харитонова и Наталья Варвина устроили драку на глазах у коллег

During the filming of one of the editions of the TV project “Dom-2” between Natalia Varvina and Alexandra Kharitonova was a misunderstanding. Participant reality show starring recently in the Thriller “Mama’s here”, felt that her colleague sharply behaved towards her. In the Internet appeared the video, which filmed the brawl.

“You’re always attacking me, you’re grabbing me, something I constantly Express. What right do you have me?” – said Kharitonov.

Vallina responded to her words with an aggressive phrase, and then tried to hit the girl. Natasha and Sasha grabbed each other by the hair and literally threw him on the floor. Intervened in the conflict, leading the project: Vlad Kadoni and Olga Buzova, who called security to separate them. “StarHit” contacted Kharitonova, to find out what exactly happened.

“I have no right to comment on it,” said Sasha.

It is unclear if it will include the incident on the air Friday’s edition of the reality show. Both blondes help participants telestroke to acquire new skills. Kharitonov taught acting and Varvina – dance course.

Members of the wife of the producer of “House-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky actively discussing the incident after watching the video. “You had a fight or was it a joke?” “Like an adult aunt, and a brain under the crown does not!”, “I’m still under the impression,” “Why have you brought Sasha to shove ,if the wife of a producer, everything is possible?”, “Has changed quite. So good was previously. Now or overworked, or zazvezdilsya” – said in comments Vallinas.

Many followers of the star of telestroke believe that Natalya has changed dramatically in recent years. They worry that with each new picture of Varvina looks even thinner. It seems that the girl is too slim, so she should stop torturing yourself in the gym.

We will remind that the Kharitonov and Varvina always been considered best friends. Although Sasha prefers not to trust women, sometimes she spends time with friends, discussing with them the latest news. “I hardly agree with the girls, they often betray. Or girlfriend sleeping with your young man, or wants to compete with you,” said Kharitonov. Alexander Kharitonov: “Men just want me”