Aleksandr Galibin made repairs for his young wife in the bedroom

Александр Галибин сделал ремонт для молодой жены в спальне The star of “Master and Margarita” has designed the interior in colonial style. Alexander Galibin and his wife admitted that I love cute items of antiquity. In their house a lot of rare furniture, which during the arrangement was restored by craftsmen.

      Александр Галибин сделал ремонт для молодой жены в спальне

      Famous actor and TV presenter Alexander Galibin with his wife, actress Irina Savinkova raising two children – 13-year-old daughter Kseniya and son Basil who is two and a half years.

      The actor admitted that the younger heir own room. For the sake of comfort of their children, the parents decided to remake my bedroom into two children’s rooms. And in the room itself, to build the square meters that had been occupied by their eldest daughter. With a request to alter the room Ksenia marital bedroom Aleksandr Galibin addressed in the program “a Perfect repair”.

      Александр Галибин сделал ремонт для молодой жены в спальне“We love simple and cosy atmosphere, perhaps even colonial, with nice noble fragments of antiquity,” – voiced his wish of leading the project of the First channel Natasha Barbier.

      Designers have proposed to meet the interior unique colonial style and “dilute” it a touch of modernity. This stylistic direction is characterized by the abundance of wood with bright texture and a clear structural pattern, natural shades and materials, elegance in the choice of textile.

      Instead of Wallpaper craftsmen used the original mural with a pattern. Special romantic atmosphere of antiquity is created by the natural cracks and abrasions, as well as the combination of smooth textures and rough plaster. Light natural shades to decorate walls typical of colonial style. In the project a lot of mother of pearl.
      The Central place in the bedroom of the spouses took an elegant bed made from solid oak with the author’s head, decorated with stucco. Bed pillows decorated with the print of birds, this is another sign of the colonial style.

      Александр Галибин сделал ремонт для молодой жены в спальне

      In the workshop was a renovated wine cabinets from the collection of the owners, their polished and coated matte colorless varnish. Designers used them as bedside tables. In addition to lockers, the master was restored and rare chest of drawers belonging to the star family. Designers wisely put it in the updated interior, so it became a real art object.

      Unique textiles for window decoration found in Kazan. Curtain fabric mimics Irish wool handmade, it has a warm peach shade. A wardrobe in the bedroom moved from the old room spouse because it is consistent with the colonial style. In a niche was placed a mirror, it is artificially aged. It reflects the whole room, making it visually more spacious.

      Александр Галибин сделал ремонт для молодой жены в спальне

      The pattern on the carpet echoes the pattern of the frescoes on the walls. Cover if faded and looks old.

      Wife of Alexander Galibin Irina was delighted after seeing the results. “Cool unreal! – shared female emotions. – The feeling that you’re actually in another space”. “I really like that it is very soft quiet tone that all conform to colonial style as we wished, supported his wife Alexander Galibin. – I like the way you restored our furniture. Thanks to everyone who worked on the project!”