Alec Baldwin was in the center of the scandal due to the explicit scenes with minors Nikki reed

Алек Болдуин оказался в центре скандала из-за откровенных сцен с несовершеннолетней Никки Рид

On account of Alec Baldwin, the variety of films both successful and failed, glorified him, and nearly ruined his reputation for life. The latter category can be attributed to the movie “Mini’s first time” where the actor starred with Nikki reed.

“Mini’s first time” — a criminal Comedy about the life of a girl named Mini, who want to solve problems with the mother, goes to work. The best option for her is a service of escort services. Adds piquancy to the situation the fact that customer service is her stepfather Martin, who just plays Baldwin.

But it did not bother her, quite the contrary, which is not surprising, because her motto in life is “Sex. Murder. Blackmail. All once happens for the first time”.

In the film there are explicit scenes, which Alec had a chat the other day, after 11 years after the movie was released.

Bodwin said that he was not aware of the age of his partner at the time of filming: “after filming, I said, how old is she, and it turned out that 17. Then I stated the claims of the producers who told me something else earlier,” says the actor. This phrase caused an uproar on the part of the film’s producer Dan Brunetti. “It’s a lie. Of course, he knew how much Nikki years. That is why in the movie no nudity. Nikki reed at the time was not even 17, and 16 years, and he did not mind” — said Brunetti.

The position of Bodwin in this situation are clear. But Nikki herself, it seems, was not opposed to such kinopya. About the film “Mini’s first time” she never said a word.

Previously, Alec Baldwin spoke about drug addiction, which he experienced early in his career.