Alec Baldwin was defending his pregnant wife from paparazzi

Алек Болдуин защитил беременную жену от папарацци

The young wife of Alec Baldwin’s pregnant with third child. In this regard, the actor tries to take care of the spouse and the unborn baby. Recently, the star of the movie “the Habit to marry” showed what a man is able, if he sees a threat against my family – Baldwin almost beat the photographer intending to shoot him and Hilario.

Алек Болдуин защитил беременную жену от папарацци

The actor lashed out at the paparazzi, shouting that he has no right to violate their personal space, called them “trash” and demanded to stay away from his wife.

The reports that Baldwin struck the man, have been reported. I hope the verbal sparring was all over.

Recall Hilaria Thomas and her 57-year-old beloved Alec Baldwin exchanged vows in June 2012. For the time that the pair together, they gave birth to two children: 2-year-old daughter, Carmen Gabriela, and 8-month-old son Raphael.

About the third pregnancy a woman bent on yoga became known in March. “Having read our third trip, — said at the time Hilaria. — When I was pregnant with Carmen, I didn’t have the courage to do so. But when was supposed to be Raphael, I every 2 weeks pictures of their belly and published pictures. This is what I wanted to say that we should not be ashamed of their pregnancy… We give birth to new life, and it is a miracle. Every pregnancy is individual and takes place in different ways. So we need to see and know what is going on with us.”

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