Alec Baldwin wants more children

Алек Болдуин больше не хочет детей

Young wife and young children presented a middle-aged Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin a second youth. At the same time, the couple, who already have two children together and are expecting their third, categorically state that this kid will be his last.

Алек Болдуин больше не хочет детей
“When our daughter was born, we said, “How such a miracle could be wrong? Children are a joy”. Then was born our son, and we said again: “It is a miracle! How can that be wrong?”. Now we think if we have more children, it would be wrong and difficult, we will be in constant stress, and this may affect our family atmosphere. Now we are happy” — said 58-year-old Alec in an interview with People.

But in September last year after the birth of her son Raphael Baldwin stated that just dies, so wants to have another baby with Hilaria. Now their daughter Carmen for three years, and the girl does not give parents any peace. If you believe the insiders, their son will be the same fast.
“Our children are like squirrels in the yard. My wife and I love them, but I want my wife to be able to relax, especially now when we are expecting the third child” confessed Alec.
“De, I told him we should hold the TV in the bedroom” joked Hilary. Now its the perfect date the woman describes as “just the two of us to Dine and go to bed early to sleep”.
In the near future spouses are going to go for a vacation.
“I’m worried about my wife and want her well rested. When this is all over, we will be working more and very, very much to relax,” said Alec, “it all” meaning, obviously, the birth of a third child.

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