Alec Baldwin the story of how strangers help him deal with weaknesses

Алек Болдуин рассказ, как посторонние люди помогают ему справиться со слабостями

Recently Alec Baldwin often makes itself felt. The actor shares stories from the past and refuses to talk about the present. Most likely such activity stars of the Comedy “the Habit to marry” is that soon should be out in the light of his autobiography, which is called “nevertheless”.

Could not resist Alec in a recent interview with reporters. Baldwin admitted that he has a trait – he’s a whiner, and the reason for this can be absolutely anything.

Then he comes to the aid of beloved wife Hilaria: “my wife has a very good position — she never indulges my weaknesses. If I start to whine, something to complain about, Hillary reminds me of who I am, what distinguishes my life from the lives of thousands of people, and verdict: “no one’s sorry to Alec Baldwin”.

If Alec continues to whine, Hilaria uses of passers-by. She could easily turn to a stranger with the question “would You feel sorry for Alec Baldwin?”. Suggest that this is an incredibly effective method.