Alec Baldwin talked about addiction, which is experienced early in his career

Алек Болдуин рассказал о наркозависимости, которую пережил в начале карьеры

Alec Baldwin in the ‘ 80s was considered one of the most attractive, talented and popular actors. Like many stars of that time, Alec tried to take everything from life: it walked, had fun, was a frequent guest at various parties and even addicted to drugs. Regular consumption of prohibited drugs made Baldwin the most that neither is a real drug addict, which to get rid of the addiction, it took professional help.

The date of his hospitalization Alec remembered well – it was February 23, 1985. The next two years, as Alec says, was filled with horrors life of a real addict. “It was a very difficult time with a lot of pain,” recalls the actor. But even at the completion of treatment, return to ordinary life he took: “I was sitting playing video games from 9 am to 11 PM, and then went to sleep. It was the only way that helped me to calm down and be distracted. I didn’t want anyone to deal with.”

Now for Alex’s great happiness, in his life Hilary has a wife and four children (three born in the marriage with Hilaria, and eldest daughter Ireland, Kim Basinger). The actor has embarked on the path of a healthy lifestyle and tries to keep fit perfume as is fashionable for longer.