Alec Baldwin spoke about Lyme disease

Алек Болдуин рассказал о болезни Лайма

Lyme disease or borreliosis is a serious disease carried ticks of the forest, touched and Hollywood actor Alex Baldwin. About it the actor said in a recent speech at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

Founder Linda Giampa told the audience that it took her many years to get Alec’s biggest philanthropist to come to the gala evening.
“Cost me mentioned about the presence of Alec, as that evening bought tickets for 350 people,” said Linda.
Baldwin said that he felt the symptoms of the disease for seventeen (!) years before the official diagnosis of the disease. He was given a vaccination and health began to improve, but soon he was bitten again, the disease returned with renewed vigor.
“I had the classic symptoms – dark spots in the lungs, signs of flu, severe sweating.. at First I thought I was dying. At the time I left the wife and lived by himself. I just laid there and thought: “Now I die in bed from Lyme disease. I hope a little time will pass when I will find”” said Alec.
Now, scared of the bitter experience, Baldwin and his wife Hilaria always carefully check their children for the presence of tick bites. I want my children to safely ride horses and bikes, and we did not spend time considering their skin under a magnifying glass, but it’s part of my life and while I can’t change anything,” said Alec.
During the charity dinner were collected 800 thousand dollars, which will be used to study Lyme disease.