Alec Baldwin published the first photo of newborn son

Алек Болдуин опубликовал первое фото новорожденного сына
The actor showed looks like his wife immediately after childbirth.

Alec Baldwin with his wife and son Hilaria

Photo: @iamabfalecbaldwin Instagram Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin for the fifth time celebrating the addition to the family. The actor was born today, another son. Happy father reported this to social networks, attaching the first photo of the baby. The frame was made in the delivery room shortly after as the wife of a Hollywood star — Hilaria gave the beloved to have another baby.

The picture shows a 60-year-old Alec next to his wife and baby, whose name is not yet known. Other members of the family of Baldwin of left overs. “He’s here! He’s perfect…” — says the birth of the baby Hilaria. She also reported that the weight of a newborn is 3685 grams. Friends and fans congratulate the couple with a joyful event.

Apparently the birth went without complications, which is unsurprising given the perfect physical form, which supports the wife of Baldwin. Hilary works as a yoga instructor and during pregnancy did not break in the classroom.

Recall that Alec also has a grown daughter from his marriage with famous actress Kim Basinger. Ireland is now 22 years old and she is busy conquering the fashion business. For a long time the actor was hesitant to once again become a father, but, having met in 2011 Hilario, he realized that he wants a big family. In 2013, his daughter Carmen, two years later — the son of Raphael, and in 2016, another boy Leonardo.