Alec Baldwin helped Democrats earn $ 5.1 million

Алек Болдуин помог демократам заработать 5,1 миллиона долларов

Hollywood actor and comedian, who masterfully embodies in the TV show Saturday Night Live of the new President of the United States of America Donald trump, the Republican candidate helped the Democrats to raise 5.1 million dollars in new Jersey.

More than a thousand people attended a charity event General Majority PAC Collingswood, thanks to the appearance of Alec. The amount collected for the evening, is considered a record of such shares. Treasurer of the event Tricia Mueller thanked Baldwin for attending and stated that the position of Democrats in the country have been strengthened. Despite the fact that the Governor of new Jersey is Republican Chris Christie in November last year, the number of Democrats in the local Council reached 120.
Recall that Donald trump was very angry at the comedian for his parodies and considered them unacceptable. Here’s a stand-up comedian and actress Kathy Griffin was forced to apologize for the hoax of the bloody head of the President. In social networks the artist peck and fans, and even opponents of Donald. Yes that there – even Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the main opponent of trump’s presidential elections, Hillary Clinton spoke out against such jokes.
“The murder of the President is never not funny,” said Chelsea. The actress had to admit defeat and the fact that she crossed the line.