Alec Baldwin sealed the fate of Rust, on the set of which the cameraman died Actor Alec Baldwin told what will happen to the film “Rust” after the tragedy with the death of cameraman Galina Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin sealed the fate of Rust, which killed the cameraman on set According to Western publications, work on the tape “Rust”, stopped due to a tragic incident on the set, will continue at the beginning of next year.
The incident happened while filming one of the scenes in New Mexico. The genre of “Rust” is a western, so there were quite a lot of weapons on the set. The firearms expert, who is supposed to coordinate all handling of them during filming, seemed to be absent from the set altogether – it was previously reported that all the invited candidates turned down the job due to too little compensation. Also, seven operators refused to work on the film one after another, citing salary delays as the reason for their departure. Subsequently, they also mentioned that the handling of weapons on the site is a complete violation of safety regulations. It is likely that all these conditions together led to the tragedy.

Alec Baldwin sealed the fate of the film &laquo

In the hands of the producer and lead actor in “Rust” Alec Baldwin was a revolver loaded not with blanks, but with live cartridges. Baldwin claimed that he did not pull the trigger, although the ongoing FBI investigation indicates otherwise – cameraman Galina Hutchins was fatally shot in the stomach and died in hospital after Baldwin was shot. The director of the film, Joel Sousa, was also seriously injured – a bullet hit him in the collarbone. Nevertheless, Sousa will continue to work on the film – according to him, it will be “a great honor to complete the shooting on behalf of Galina Hutchins.”

Interestingly, the husband of the late Hutchins, who as a result of the lawsuit, an agreement was reached with Baldwin.

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