Alec Baldwin changed his views on the education of children

Алек Болдуин изменил свои взгляды на воспитание детей
The actor admitted that all of the care that is shifted to the shoulders of his wife.

With three children (Carmen, Rafael and Leonardo) and Hilaria in a family house near new York. 2017


Since Alec Baldwin, whose violent temper and the glory of the weak became a byword in Hollywood, married yoga instructor Hilaria, the actor seemed to have changed. He no longer lunges at paparazzi, does not raise a hand against women, and domestic tyrant became a “white and fluffy”-husband henpecked. And, it seems to him very much like the changes in his life. How else to explain how Baldwin praises his wife in all his interviews?

“There has been an incredible transformation, admits Alec. — I became focused, calm, more focused on family and less prone to fits of rage and aggression. That, as you probably know, significantly undermined my image in the eyes of the people. Hilaria managed to teach me understanding: anger solves nothing and does not change. Many times I got in trouble because of your incontinence. Especially with the paparazzi. Swore as little as possible to deal with them. But where go: our home in new York, they’re always on duty… So Hilary, on the contrary, man is very open. She lives by the principle: if something is hiding, hiding — so there’s that. And curiosity only increased. It therefore published in social networks your photo and a photo of our children, responds to the attacks of those who reproach her for it. To me it is strictly not allowed to participate in these stories. Funny… But my wife is amazingly patient, and it is difficult to confuse. She says that I allow her to be head of the family. At home the alpha male — my wife! (Laughs.) This is despite the fact that I now work less and prefer to stay in our country house of refuge. I must admit, I did not used to this situation. But the reality is that the main burden of care falls on the shoulders of Hilaria: parenting and creating the right atmosphere in our family.”

Now Alec with Hilaria three children. The younger son Leonardo was born last September. Now, the baby’s father is concerned about the problem — how to find a place in the house to make for Leonardo’s own room as the older children — Carmen and Rafael. The old mansion of Baldwin consisted of tiny cantenac and Hilaria when I drove it, wanted to fill the area with air to simplify the layout, make large and bright rooms. But apparently, the couple had not planned that they will have three children. “Now my wife is very worried that none of the guys didn’t develop, God forbid, complex: why do sister so, and I have otherwise?, — laughs Alec. — You know, what is our home? One long therapy session in Spanish! I’m leaving for work, and Hilaria analyzes children’s behavior: “Why have you done so? How do you feel now? And why?” The generation of the wives took a very different approach to the education and treatment of children, than were, say, my parents. No negotiations and conversations, attempts something to explain to us they weren’t. The mother chose to teach us through poles for curtains. (Smiles.) And my wife, frankly, obsessed with their children. Although I keep telling her she’s still my sweetheart. Friend. This means, we need sometimes to be alone, to devote time only to themselves. But I confess it works very rarely. (Sighs.) Usually children and our love to defeat my good intentions.”

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