Алек Болдуин вновь стал отцом 58-year-old actor and his wife are celebrating the birth of a third child. Hilaria Alec Baldwin has told fans that on Monday, was born their second son. The couple posted a picture with a newborn in social networks.

      Алек Болдуин вновь стал отцом

      58-year-old actor Alec Baldwin and his wife became the parents of Hilary again. In one of the clinics of the USA came to light their son. The boy was named Leonardo. In social networks appeared a large frame mother with baby in her arms, which was done in the hospital room.

      “I am happy to introduce you to our son Leonardo angel by Charles Baldwin. He was born in such a wonderful day”, signed photograph of Hilaria.

      Exciting news about the upcoming replenishment in the family of Baldwin appeared in March of this year. Hilary did not hide its interesting position, actively attended social events and was not afraid to be in the lenses of the paparazzi during a walk in Los Angeles.

      Recall that Alec and his wife are raising three-year old daughter Carmen Gabriela and year-old son Raphael Thomas. The actor is also growing 20-year-old daughter Ireland, who was born married film stars Kim Basinger. Free time Baldwin completely devoted to the education of children.

      Hilaria Baldwin is not afraid to show the public their babies. Subscribers to its microblog seen pictures of the 32-year-old wife of the actor with the children on walks or to the cinema. During pregnancy the woman did not hesitate to do a selfie in his underwear. Its members noted that even in an interesting position, it looked fantastic. The secret of a great figure of the wife of actor that she does yoga. Such exercises help Hilaria keep the skin supple and smooth. “During pregnancy it’s hard to stay in good shape. I practiced every day, while I was waiting for Carmen, a little less in the tummy when sat Raphael. What I like about yoga is that you don’t need anything to practice except your body, so you can do everywhere and anytime,” said star’s mom in her Instagram where she regularly posts short videos with their workouts.

      After the birth of Raphael, the wife of Baldwin quickly took off kilos. The woman had taken the correct supply and also brought the skin of the body in order with the help of special procedures and cosmetics.