Alec Baldwin appeared on the streets of new York on crutches

Алек Болдуин появился на улицах Нью-Йорка на костылях
The actor is recovering after undergoing surgery.

Алек Болдуин появился на улицах Нью-Йорка на костылях

Alec Baldwin


The other day
passers-by witnessed a touching scene — a 59-year-old Alec Baldwin was moving
on the street, one hand leaning on a crutch and the other holding the package
shopping. But his pregnant wife Hilaria marched next to free
hands. But before the pair skipping the two older children married couple, 4 — year old Carmen, 2-year-old Rafael. Crutch
it took Alec because he is less than two weeks ago had surgery
hip replacement, and now goes through a difficult recovery period. However, for the sake
adored wife Hilaria Baldwin are ready for any exploits, even in this

The other day
the couple celebrated their anniversary — 7 years from the date of their acquaintance. On this occasion
Hilaria decided to share their impressions of family life. “Seven years
ago I met him and it changed our lives. Can’t say that our
life all the time was like a fairy tale, not everything was easy. But we have learned,
in spite of everything, to save his love. Our children that we were born for
this time is our blessing. But, at the same time, this is a test. So
we would not be able to keep our feelings, if not learned to find the time
to spend just the two of us…” — confessed to Mrs. Baldwin.

Recall, Alex and Hilaria got married in 2012. Slightly more than a year they have
a daughter Carmen, two years later, son Rafael, in September 2016, more
one son, Leonardo. And grooming Leo more
very small, Hilaria decided on a fourth child, who is now
bears. About her pregnancy she announced in November 2017, and soon became
it is known that she was again expecting a boy.

Alec Baldwin with his family