Alec Baldwin admitted that he hurt women

Алек Болдуин признался, что обижал женщин
Scandal in Hollywood becomes a “cosmic” scale.

Alec Baldwin with his family


In the Wake of the scandal, which began with the statements of several women, accusing a powerful producer, the founder of the film Studio Miramax Harvey Weinstein — sexual harassment, many celebrities prefer not
wait until they publicly embarrass and bring to justice, and voluntarily pleaded guilty in advance and I apologize.

So has been Ben Affleck, and now is the turn to Alec Baldwin. “Admit I am to blame — I’m offended women did not treat them properly
way. Humiliated their dignity, treat them with dismissive… I did it
not constantly, but, like many men of my generation, allow themselves to lead
in a similar way. Now I really regret it and wish that would continue
this “tradition” ceased to exist…” said Alec. However, from
the actor is not quite clear what he meant — harassment-style
Weinstein, or more innocent behavior.

Meanwhile, the situation around Weinstein continues to deteriorate: now
more than fifty women are ready to testify in court that the producer of them
rudely molested, and a number of Actresses directly accuse him of rape.
The last Prosecutor Harvey was the actress Paz De La Huerta, star of the popular
series “Boardwalk Empire”,
saying that Weinstein took advantage of her twice. Against the producer, which has deprived many honorary
honors and awards, in the present case is a criminal case.

However, with Weinstein it’s only just begun. Behind him, the charges were
brought against the producer and Director
Brett Rattner (he complained for six Actresses), another producer —
Bryan singer, Director James Toback and actor Jeremy Piven and even against
such dear still man, as Dustin Hoffman! And, it seems, this list is far from closed…