Albina dzhanabaeva with my son photographed for gloss

Альбина Джанабаева с сыном снялась для глянца

Singer Albina dzhanabaeva, the former participant of group “Viagra” and wife of singer Valery Meladze, appeared on the cover of magazine “OK!”, Yes not itself, and with his eldest son Constantine.

For obvious reasons, Albina previously rarely showed their child. Valery recently left his previous family, where he raised three daughters, then registered their relationship with the woman that had an affair for many years.
In July 2014, Albina gave birth to a second son, Valery. Now the woman is torn between raising children, music career and filming a movie. Dzhanabaeva played one of the leading roles in the movie “betrayal,” Kirill Serebrennikov. In this case, obviously, Albina does not stop.

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