Альбина Джанабаева: «У нас с Валерой были разные периоды!»
The singer told about the difficult relationship with her husband.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

Photo: personal archive

Despite the fact that Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery
Meladze are married and have two sons, 14-year-old
Constantine and 3-year-old Luke, they only recently began to appear regularly on
social events as a couple. After all these years it would be really weird
deny the affair. In one of his rare interviews that Albina made in the Studio
radio station “Silver rain”, she explained, why so long kept
silence and did not allow any journalists, no fans, go hell with her
personal space.

According to Dzhanabaeva, when started an affair with
Meladze, her first was difficult, but gradually she learned not to react to
criticism. “Hide and not to advertise their relationship are two different things. In our
Valera stories were different periods, but we went through it. And now I can speak
open, happy, — says Albina. — A lot has happened within me, I
calmed down and revealed part of her life. I am happy to receive feedback
from followers on Instagram. I led quite a private life and still
I think that is not removed the barrier forever.”

We will remind, recently the eldest son Dzhanabaeva month
ago was 14 years old. In honor of his birthday, the Network appeared several
rare shots where stellar mom posing with her son. These frames, according to
singer, unique — others in the near future the Network will not. Why? Because
that Constantine urged parents not to publish his photo in
microblogs. He took a strong stance: he does not need to be learned
the streets of the city as the son dzhanabaeva and Meladze.

“Now we can speak openly happy. Much
happened inside me, I calmed down and lifted part of his life. I
it’s nice to get feedback from followers on Instagram. I was quite
closed personal life and still believe, that did not remove the barrier completely
shares of Albina. For example, do not see the need to show children to put
their photos. By the way, the older son already had a clear opinion on this matter. It
don’t want to be out. And we must respect that right to privacy.
Just two years ago, we both participated in a photo shoot for a magazine
he was exciting and interesting, but now it’s different. Says: “you,
parents, it’s part of the job, I don’t!”