Albina dzhanabaeva was on the verge of death

Альбина Джанабаева оказалась на волосок от смерти
The singer returned to the small Home.

Albina Dzhanabaeva


Albina dzhanabaeva appeared in the NTV program “Small earth” on Volgograd which childhood star. On the set of the show Albina remembered the tragic accident that nearly claimed her life. In 11 years of life, she was saved by a stranger. Here’s what the actress said about that episode of his life.

“Somewhere around age eleven I nearly drowned in the Volga. Remember the huge thickness of water above him, which was increasing. Saved me young man. I remember the hustle and bustle around me, some shouting. But I was not here…” — recalled Albina.

Djamanbaeva trip to Volgograd gave her the opportunity to see the native father. The singer’s father fundamentally refuses to move to the capital. When many years ago he learned that his daughter had set a goal to conquer the capital, tried to dissuade Albina.

“I know they want to leave, but tried to dissuade Albina. I said, “Daughter, you are our opportunities will not get there”. And she said, “Dad, I have so decided.” Well, once I decided…” said the father of Albina. Dzhanabaeva was a straight a student and my childhood dream was to become a geologist, so the decision to go to the capital he thought was a teenage whim. He did not believe that she can succeed. The decision to go from Volgograd affected the relations of the future stars with his father. However, Albina forgive old grudges and now completely took care of parents.