Альбина Джанабаева примерила образ страстной хищницы
The singer was pleased with the result.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

Photo: Press service

Albina dzhanabaeva again tried on the image of dangerous, but
seductive predator. It happened when the singer gave his voice
saber-toothed tigress Wider from the fifth part of the animated film “Ice age. Clash
inevitably,” which will premiere July 14.

In the English version of the cartoon she-RA is voiced by
Jennifer Lopez. Although albino really like how this role is played by the foreign counterpart, its Shira she did a little different, giving the sharks their individuality.

“My character is very close to me in spirit — shared with 7days.ru singer. —I am pleased to associate themselves with tiger. Probably, all women have something about cats, and tigers are also cats, just great. I heard Jennifer voiced Shira, and I really liked it. She did it with such energy, such passion! But the melodies of Russian and English languages
different, so of course, I had to use a slightly different tone, a different timbre.

The eldest son of the stars Konstantin loves this cartoon
so the boy was glad my mom again voiced tigress. “When I
voiced Shira for the first time — he was delighted! He was very proud of me.
Knowing that my character is in a new series, my son was very happy.”

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