Albina dzhanabaeva said that eating to lose weight

Альбина Джанабаева рассказала, что есть, чтобы похудеть
The singer continues to share her beauty secrets.

Photo: Instagram

Albina dzhanabaeva — ex-soloist of the most sexual of the group “VIA Gra”, beloved wife of the sex-symbol singers Valery Meladze and simply beautiful. The singer not long ago decided to tell their fans what to do to keep yourself in perfect shape: how to care for the body, which know-how she has in nutrition and no exercise can not live no woman. This time the “lecture” Albina touched the food.

“Ever hear the expression: “in the Morning eat like a king — as a Prince,and in the evening like a beggar”? Here are the main principles of healthy eating!!! says dzhanabaeva. What can you tell us: what’s between Breakfast-lunch-dinner nothing?! Well, first of all, water is the source of life and health, it is necessary to drink 1,5-2 liters of water a day! Second, the snack. If you are experiencing hunger, stress, or just want something to chew, better to sure that it will be. Offer several options, which I use. Fruits — they are absolutely essential to us every day, rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetable fibres which are capable of removing toxins from our body. They are best eaten alone, on an empty stomach or between meals, it speeds up the process of digestion. A handful of nuts or pumpkin seeds is a fruit with a high content of protein and fat. Drinking yoghurt. A slice of whole grain bread with avocado or any other vegetables or with jam, who he loves. Dried fruit is a great way to replace your sweets! Although, in the offseason, when our body is weakened and the lack of magnesium provokes fatigue and sleep disturbance, we must take care of yourself and do not deny yourself the piece of chocolate,a great remedy from stress! Dark chocolate is a source of magnesium and has a calming effect, relaxes muscles and is a natural antidepressant! Most importantly — measure. Still have crackers from whole wheat or rice flour, they are perfect for a snack, but to write about them not as interesting as the chocolate. If I understand that lunch is not the time, I take sudock with buckwheat and vegetables like the picture!»