Альбина Джанабаева научилась кататься на серфе
The singer is developing a new kind of sport.

Photo: Instagram

It took almost three months a carefree holiday in Spain, and only now Albina dzhanabaeva decided to get on Board. More precisely, took my first surfing lessons in the local school. In many respects it was promoted by a friend Albina a Ukrainian singer Layah, she’s the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Eva bushmina. The girl came to Spain to visit Dzhanabaeva and then “dragged” Albina to the assault of the ocean. Girls signed up to the local instructor bought quite budget special suits for surfing and went to grasp the skill.

The first class, alas, not as beautiful as shown in the pictures. People on the shore first taught how to lie and to jump on Board. Then these same movements practiced in the sea, but the shallow depth — about knee-deep. And only after this the students admit to the waves, and the first in quite calm weather. Of course, there are extreme ways of learning. For example, rapper Timati first time “took off” in the water at depth, explaining briefly how to stay on the Board and what to do to catch the wave.

But Albina and eve were not the extremes, like Timothy, so they are quite happy with the more gentle option. Especially without bruises and abrasions can not do here. Closed costumes does not protect the body from injury. Is that from sunburn.

However, Albina and eve after the first lesson looked very happy, took pictures on the background Board and have agreed that I will go again. And then someday I will go to Bali, is a recognized Paradise for surfers and there’s definitely going to show “class”!