Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze admired family idyll

Альбина Джанабаева и Валерий Меладзе восхитили семейной идиллией The stars attended the event, a famous production center. Colleagues Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze arranged a cooking party, which attracted many famous artists, including Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov, singer, Tree, group MBAND and Burito.

Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze prefer to hide her personal life from the public. The stars rarely go together in the light and practically do not publish any photographs of social networks.

Recently, however, Albina still made an exception and gave the fans a rare shot. The singer and her husband Valeriy Meladze attended the event, organized in honor of the birthday of the producer center Velvet Music. The company arranged a culinary party with celebrities. To congratulate colleagues also came Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov, Anna Pletnev, Tree, Emma M, Burito soloist Igor Burnyshev, as well as favorites from the girls group MBAND.

The artists had a wonderful time in the company of chefs, willing to share his knowledge with celebrities. Guests made delicious dishes, which are then tasted in good company. Apparently, Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze was delighted with the unusual birthday celebration.

“Congratulations Velvet Music happy birthday! 13 years! Much of the cooking, deliciously ate”, – shared the singer.

Fans of the star couple was in awe of the rare photos of celebrities. They found that dzhanabaeva and Meladze look great together. “Lovely”, “Wonderful”, “you Finally captured in a single shot”, “More such frames”, “Happiness”, “Cute”, “I Love you”, “Albina looks good – young, fresh. In General, pretty woman”, “Super”, – wrote the fans of figures of show-business.

The atmosphere that night was very relaxed. The actors behave naturally. “Family warm and comfortable. Our sincere congratulations,” wrote Oksana Shurochkina in his microblog.

Social networks also have a common picture of the level of the production center. On a cheerful picture figures of show business seem like one big family. Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze once again amazed the fans of harmony that prevails between them. Fans of the star couple did not skimp on the compliments in their address.

Add that celebrities are raising two children – 13-year-old Constantine, and two year old Luke. Valery Meladze boasted grown-up son