Albert Filozova dying wife kicked out of the house

Умирающего Альберта Филозова  жена выгнала из дому

Details became known of death of albert Filozova. Famous actor left this world in the apartment of his son. Wife Natalia Stotsky, after learning that her husband a few days left.. kicked him out of the house, and she meanwhile began to make out a will on a country house.

It is learned that long ago albert was diagnosed with cancer. First he managed to stop the disease. Doctors have documented remission and advised him continuous diagnostics to prevent disease, but the cancer returned suddenly and was so aggressive that Filozov literally melted before our eyes. When he turned to the experts, cancer disease was already in its final stages, and the chance to cure her was gone.
From the hospital the actor was discharged just a few days before the death of albert, but to die in his own house he could not.
“When they discharged a terminally ill albert, the question arose: “Where do I take it to?”. We called home, but his wife said literally this: “No, no, not here! I can’t take it”. We had a shock, tetanus. How is that even possible??” — talked about death Filozova artistic Director of the theater “School of modern play” Joseph Raihelgauz. According to him, even the doctors who performed the actor, were more humane than his wife. They said to the dying albert, waiting for his two weeks on the chemo, although he knew that he wouldn’t live until that time.
In the end Filozova adopted son from his second marriage, with whom he almost talked. In recent days, albert was download the film relatives, friends and colleagues who tried to reassure him, but the parting was evident. Joseph talked about the upcoming premiere that albert should be digging forces to get stronger, but only Filozov and repeating that he was very tired.
To Natalia albert left, leaving the family, which has lived for over twenty years. Stotsky in the theater never had a dislike for arrogance and bad temper. And the fact that she won’t let the dying wife on the threshold of his house, but slipped on the papers on the transfer of a country house, even more convinced the colleagues of the artist in the opinion of the woman.
Recall that albert Filozov, known for the films “Mary Poppins, goodbye”, “Tehran -43”, “Man from Boulevard des Capucines” and other films, died yesterday after a long illness.

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