Albert Filozov died on the 79 th year

Альберт Филозов ушел из жизни на 79-м году
Became people’s artist of Russia.

Albert Filozov

Photo: Facebook

Today was not a great theater and film actor — albert Filozova. About it to the fans of the actor said his student is the star of the show “kadetstvo” Kirill Emelyanov.

was not the GREATEST person, people’s artist of Russia, my masters —
Albert Filozova L…. — Cyril wrote in his personal blog. — Let’s remember Him and pray for
the repose of the soul. This is for all of us… a great loss the MEMORY and

Albert Filozov died in Moscow at the 79th year of life. During his life he played more than 50 films, including “Night of fun”, “Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, “Mary Poppins, goodbye!” and many others. On the causes of death of the artist is not reported. The date and place of farewell with Filatovym will be announced later.

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