Alas: drew Barrymore divorces her husband

Увы и ах: Дрю Бэрримор разводится с мужем

After three years of marriage and two daughters together born actress and art consultant will Kopelman decided to leave.

Parents of 3-year-old olive and one-year-old Frankie made a joint official statement about the divorce. “Unfortunately, our family legally ceases to exist, but we don’t feel we will cease to feel like a family actually, the statement, published in the American journal People. – Divorce may seem like a setback, but at some point you may find that life goes on – and it’s great. Our children are part of our universe, and we will do everything so that they always remain for us in the first place.”

Drew and will got married in 2012, this was the first marriage to her third, and the longest. The expense of their marriages, the 41-year-old Barrymore was opened in 1994 when she married bartender Jeremy Thomas – their marriage lasted less than two months. Marriage to comedian Tom green, the actress played in July of 2001, however in December of the same year they broke up.

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