Алену Водонаеву подозревают в связи с Курбаном Омаровым

After Nastasya Samburski, is blamed for the divorce Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov named Alain Vodonaevu.

That the former star of “House-2” also had a hand in the split of a family friend reported Internet users, who are knowledgeable about the Affairs of the Patriotic party in full.

Closed account on Instagram –”doktor_daffy” — a message that places all points over I in regard to this situation.

Now, what about family life Borodina-Omarova says secret informant: “Zaletela Ksenia from Kurban and he was not happy about this, but She insisted, so he took the baby and got married. Type and the other flew, but with these all resolved”. See below for information about the friends Borodina, whom she also wanted to “attach”. One of them turned Vodonaeva. “Once a General get-together Eid “was” Vodonaevoy. When Borodin found out she was furious, Kurban was expelled,” continues the insider, adding that Xenia still wanted to make peace with Omarov and even called him on a holiday to the Maldives.

The finale of the story, the informant became more about business spouses. As it turned out, she was the only person Borodina-Shop, in that time, lobsters were invested in the development of money.

How all this information is true, we hardly know. But at least think about it there is something.

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