Alain Vodonaevu criticized for complaints about life

Алену Водонаеву раскритиковали за жалобы на жизнь

Alain Vodonaeva undergoing surgery for breast reduction back to work.

Updated Alena took the stage at the awards Vklybe. tv Awards, where she was invited to play a leading role.

This work has given Vodonaevoy difficult. This was the star of “House-2” told on his page on Instagram: “took the prize. 3:50 … Home. Tired? Oh, of course not,” wrote the star in Instagram and published a photo, which sits in the car covering his face with his hand.

Obviously Alain had hoped that her subscribers treat her with some sympathy, but it was not there.

Vodonaeva has faced a wave of criticism. Followers were angered by the fact that Allen calls the hard work, from which many would receive pleasure: “I think the teacher after lesson 6 in a row or the doctor after 5 operations the day — tired!!! And then in joy,” “That is fine, many would not mind this fatigue,” “Tired? Go to the factory rest”, “my God! Tired Alan. A month on Ru. TV is working… Processed direct… three years of sitting useless. No one in the leading name is. Luckily this work has elicited”.

To respond to the angry comments she did not.