Alain Vodonaevu condemned for the in transparent lingerie

Алену Водонаеву осудили за снимок в прозрачном белье Fans felt view too Frank. Alena Vodonaeva has a picture of himself in front of a mirror at home. Always proud of the celebrity figure and therefore did not consider it necessary to hide the charms from the surrounding.

Many fans of the figure of Alena Vodonaevoy is a genuine delight and admiration – the young woman regularly goes to the gym and trying to keep your weight normal. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has decided to demonstrate her shape – she wore a lace translucent underwear, socks and located near the mirror. Apparently, Alyona knew that Frank position will cause the dissatisfaction of some of its subscribers.

“I wanted to push press. Instead, we ate cheesecakes, – wrote Vodonaeva. – Happy wife and mommy do it!”

Followers celebrities did not appreciate such a picture – they felt that he can see her son Bogdan. Some fans urged Jill to be modest and leave these photos for your personal archive. “I always think, looking at this: to the parents no shame? Because father can watch. Or is it normal many?”, “Somehow unpleasant. I thought she grew up” “I understand, but it’s too much,” “When you become a mother, such things are inadmissible”, “look at it all,” wrote netizens.

However, loyal fans were quick to defend their favorite from attacks. They recognized that in this picture she looks very sexy. Fans were glad that they had the opportunity to admire a fit body Alena.

“A Clockwork Vodonaeva!”, “What a beautiful, while the figure in General mortality”, “Allen, you’re the bomb” “Well, you, Alena, are a provocateur. How many people a day ruined my photo. You’re beautiful just Beautiful, toned body, awesome lingerie is something to behold! I understand, would have resented, if any aunt in stretched parachutes flowered dumped his fat folds on display people. No, not exactly resented,” he wrote to fans in the comments of the post Alena.

Not so long ago Vodonaeva got rid of the lush bust, and therefore went under the surgeon’s knife. Now she is happy with her figure and tries to choose clothes that flatters. Alain Vodonaeva stirred the bare chest

“A breast reduction many years my obsession – confessed “StarHit” Vodonaeva before surgery. It’s hard to explain, but it is a strong and conscious desire. And after delivery has strengthened. You see, I have already at age 16 was such a big size… half a lifetime I hear the question: “Own?” “Look at my mother,” I usually respond”.