Alain Vodonaeva will arrange the sale of their belongings

Алена Водонаева устроит распродажу своих вещей
The money the presenter will spend on charity.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

Alain Vodonaeva traditionally decided to make a spring “cleansing” your
wardrobe. However, if used unnecessary and outmoded things TV presenter
handed out to friends, and this spring it will go well, then the next
season Alena promised to organize a charity sale.

“In spring I always make a sweep of the wardrobe — shared with
fans Alena. — Last weekend turned home, and I gave
the flogging over, I don’t need things. I’m doing this on principle: I’m tired, I do not wear
not true, brings up bad memories, do not fit into the concept of my
style, do not like. All those mountains of clothes, shoes and accessories, I always give or
throw. A fresh pile of things I have determined with the address — this time
sent my nanny to her children and family. Something booked a friend.

You often ask me about where I define all the unnecessary clothes. A
please give or send. I do not mind, I just have no time for such
mailing understand. Sometimes I only sent in those cases when you know that
the family is poor. Next time, bother and will do so. I choose
day, arrange a sale, where everything will cost purely symbolic money, and all
the proceeds we will transfer to the orphanage. Better yet, if I
all control, buy necessary items, toys, stationery and transport
all of this in person. Where — decide too. I know a lot of orphanages, there are in
them. Just haven’t done this in public and all.”