Алена Водонаева вышла на прогулку в «детском» платье

Ex-member show “Dom-2” has published in his Instagram a photo shoot in a romantic pale pink dress in the nursery.

Alena Vodonaeva happy shows fans her microblog summer outfits. Most often, the choice of the star falls on the feminine and sexual toilets, but there are exceptions. In Instagram the 34-year-old presenter appeared a photo shoot in a very unusual outfit – pale pink dress in which she looked at least 10 years younger.

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On pictures Vodonaeva posed in a pink dress babydoll off the shoulder, asymmetrical skirt and Empire waist. In the caption one of the photos of Alena likened himself to Alice in Wonderland. She supplemented the girl’s toilet turquoise high heels. Despite the naivety and childishness of style, Alena looked in the selected set is very sexy and feminine: even the conservative cut of the garments could not hide her appetizing forms!

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