Alain Vodonaeva wears teenage outfits

Алена Водонаева донашивает подростковые наряды Ex-participant of “House-2” – the owner of luxury shapes. Alain adheres to strict diet, not allowing himself to flour and sweet, also TV presenter regularly goes in for sports. A few days Vodonaeva boasted sundress, which was worn in 15 years.

Alena Vodonaeva has won the love of viewers of the TV project “Dom-2” through luxurious body and strong character. The journalist admitted that did only one plastic surgery is breast reduction. Otherwise Vodonaeva carefully monitors his diet and regularly attends gym and yoga classes.

And recently Alain has published a photo where posing in a stylish leather dress.

“It’s nice sometimes to pay tribute to things from the past. This leather sundress to me in 15 years I recently bought. I remember how I dreamed about him when she walked in it. Caught after all. And still with me” – shared TV presenter with fans.

Subscribers Vodonaevoy expressed admiration.

“It’s nice when after a while the same thing at the time! And play for the other colors,” “Super – image turned out”, “Sundress – the fire, wherever to purchase the same”, “I also never throw away or sell, and you can always find in my wardrobe something from the past”, “Nice sundress”, “Mom – fashionista!” noted fans.

Recall that last year, Alain decided to have a serious operation: the presenter reduced the chest. Vodonaeva long dreamed that her feminine dignity was of more modest size, but for a long time could not decide with a specialist. The surgery was successful, and the star quite easily moved the rehabilitation period.

“On the 25th of November, I fulfilled the dream! On 26 November I was discharged. November 30, I was leading a live broadcast on the TV channel, where he arrived behind the wheel! I knew it would. Therefore, all planned under the schedule. I felt that this would go. Sure was! On 1000000%. And nobody noticed and didn’t. Three days I potosina home and is back in operation,” – said TV presenter fans.

Vodonaeva was pleased with the result. The TV presenter told “StarHit” that plastic cost her a million rubles.