Alain Vodonaeva was discharged from the clinic of plastic surgery

Алену Водонаеву выписали из клиники пластической хирургии
The presenter demonstrated the bust after the surgery.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: Instagram

Alena Vodonaeva was discharged from the clinic of plastic surgery,
decided where to go to do plastic surgery to reduce breast
two sizes. Now the TV presenter has some limitations in the mode of the day,
food and other. For example, for obvious reasons, she’s allowed to sleep on

“When I came home from the hospital for a few days
changed with son bathroom — shared Alain. Sleep had only
back on his bed I was much easier to maintain such a regime. Next to my bed, where
length and breadth will fit four Valuev, too many temptations to sleep
to toss and turn as you like, and accidentally turn over in my sleep. So for a week bed
child became my house. Dreams about travel but have seen enough!”

We will remind, three days ago it became known that the star decided
to reduce the bust. During the long period she was looking for a specialist who
would such a delicate procedure. When the doctor was found, Alena
said goodbye to the bust of the fifth size: it is replaced by a more modest form.

“A breast reduction many years of my obsession, told in
one interview Vodonaeva. It’s hard to explain, but it is a strong and conscious
desire. And after delivery has strengthened. You see, I have already at age 16 was such
the large size of… half a lifetime I hear the question: “Own?” “Look at my mother,”
usually I say”.

The TV presenter has admitted that because of lush
bust she often back pain, had difficulties with the selection of clothing.