Алёна Водонаева попыталась быть сексуальной, но стала посмешищем
That just is not ready to talk about them and Alena Vodonaeva. We will remind, Alena “zealously drowning” for femininity, the beauty that lies in the lack of fat on the body, the possession of the stockings and knowing how to handle a cock.

Алёна Водонаева попыталась быть сексуальной, но стала посмешищем

All this she told in an interview on the channel “Gentle editor”.

In his speech Alain also noted that the girl ALWAYS (underlined) should be red nail Polish on the toes and red lipstick on the lips.

This, many agreed. The debate continued online.

Today Vodonaeva dared even to publish their own vision of sexuality of red lipstick, smearing it on her cheeks.

“And now I have everyone’s attention. Based on the “Gentle editor”… I Want to hear your opinion regarding scarlet lipstick. It will be interesting if 30% of my male audience, too, will answer this question. Red lipstick!? Yes or No”

– Alena asks from followers.

“It’s like bad oral sex instead of mouth – poking somewhere near”

“Alena, you’re the laughing stock”

“You are even ready to spoil a person just wrote about your book and the new beauty salon?”

– laughing members.

Indeed, this picture does not Vodonaeva sexy and more like a tired priestess paid love…

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