Alain Vodonaeva spoke about their addictions

Алена Водонаева рассказала о своих пристрастиях
The presenter shared his feelings about the bad habits.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: @alenavodonaeva Instagram of Alena Vodonaeva

Alain Vodonaeva discussed
with their fans the subject of bad habits. It turns out that the presenter does
recently was able to abandon one of them and be proud of. After returning from
America, Vodonaeva stopped drinking coffee, which was pretty heavily addicted for
the duration of the trip.

“By the way, as returned in
Moscow, droplets of coffee. That’s what kind of person am I? I have no semitones in
my allegiances. Either hard and a lot of everything, or absolutely nothing. I am not able
differently. And for a very long time, the only thing where I’m with passion
sticking is a sport. But I decided to give it slabinki when going somewhere. In
America, it was coffee. Threat is the theme of course, with such life
philosophy. But it’s fair. Don’t want you by the nose and led by example to his show
how to do. Best of all – to know the measure. In all. I don’t know her…” —
shared Alain.

However, there were fans,
which statement Vodonaevoy slightly surprised. The fact that some time
ago Alena told me that intense exercise was carried away only a couple of years
ago. “I to 31 years did not even know what the sport. But dancing with the Stars and
Duel, projects with very complex physical schedule, interests and engages
so much so that in 32 (one month 33) I still came to sports. In the hall I don’t
go. In Moscow, I have a personal trainer three times a week (at home) and the pylon twice in
a week!” — earlier it was claimed TV presenter.

By the way, recently Vodonaeva stood up to their oppressors, who regularly criticized her on Instagram. “Dear nerds of
the most noble chicken coops all corners of the earth, I know what Marsala, lived
in Sicily 3 months. Know what Moldova was in Chisinau. Imagine
know what a cherry. Ate them. Mouth . And I very funny when you try
me something to teach. You understand one simple thing, sometimes the way a person
signed photo, as no photos, no rules, nor even more
your conjectures on this subject. There is such a thing as personal. And I assure you, my
instagram – this is my personal. Not so, if you’re a little confused!” — Alain wrote in his microblog.

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