Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the recovery after surgery

Алена Водонаева рассказала о восстановлении после операции The presenter described the rehabilitation period after surgery. Alain Vodonaeva long wanted a breast reduction. For a long time she could not decide with a specialist who could help her.

      Алена Водонаева рассказала о восстановлении после операции

      In late November the leading on the music channel RU.TV Alain Vodonaeva decided on a complex operation. Celebrity long dreamed that her Breasts were more modest size, however, could not determine with a specialist. Alena traveled abroad to consult different doctors, but stopped at the clinic in Moscow. The operation was successful and now Vodonaeva has acquired the desired shape. The presenter told us how passed the rehabilitation period after surgery. As it turned out, she spent quite a bit of time, and after a couple of days back in the rhythm of life.

      “Going to his office, asking questions, receiving answers, and the look in his eyes, I decided in 10 minutes, – says Alena your visit to a specialist before surgery. The next day I called his assistant and set a date. Exactly two weeks later, on 25 November, I fulfilled the dream! On 26 November I was discharged. November 30, I had already live on Ru.TV, where he arrived behind the wheel! I knew it would. Therefore, all planned under the schedule. I felt that this would go. Sure was! On 1000000%. And nobody noticed and didn’t. Three days I potosina home and back in operation”.

      Alena very happy with the result, she reduced the Breasts by two sizes. Before surgery Vodonaeva told “StarHit” that plastic cost her a million rubles.

      Alena Vodonaeva has reduced the Breasts by two sizes. PHOTO

      “Nature has endowed Alain big and beautiful Breasts, but after pregnancy and lactation the mammary glands are increased in volume, and the chest lost its old form, – have explained “StarHit” the surgeon Sergei Blokhin. – For correction of such changes in plastic surgery shown reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) is a quite complex operation, which involves excision of breast tissue and the overall repositioning of the nipple-Realengo complex. Due to surgery we slightly reduced the volume of mammary glands and restore the previous shape of the breast of Alena”.