Alain Vodonaeva “smashed” Milan Kerzhakov: “I Sit in the coat of the victim and whine!”

Алена Водонаева «разнесла» Милану Кержакову: «Сидишь в шубе жертвы и ноешь!»
TV presenter commented on the scandalous story of a footballer’s wife.

Alena Vodonaeva

Alain Vodonaeva sharply expressed in the address of Milana
Kerzhakova, whose name now appeared in the center of the scandal. Recall
the wife of Alexander Kerzhakov, who gave birth last year to a football player son,
confession: it’s been a month does not see his own child. According to
wife, athlete “stole” Artemia at the babysitter and gives her to see him. All
details of Milan did not disclose, saying only that is suffering, as her husband
can against it to use the kind of video where she was captured in a drunken
after the party.

“At first I felt so sorry for Milan Kerzhakov. And then
she published her interview and I looked at him, — said Vodonaeva. — I at all times try to put yourself in the shoes of people and fantasize about
how I’d do, touch me like life situation. And again, I always come back to this morality
fables! For m***cov marry only fools!

I don’t understand, why confine yourself to the bond of marriage with m***Loy? With him is that wrong
just to have sex? To meet, to have fun, working in parallel,
developing, building my life and career?! Why did you marry-then for them to come out?! Married
only for someone who is the size of the eggs match the size of brain and degree
responsibility. Otherwise, you
loser! Sit through life on the coat of the victim, and whine and complain about destiny. Honey is
your script… And no one else. As
the yacht was called, so she swam. Endured? Forgive? Yes, and what you
can you imagine? Here is the result. When you already understand that m***com should go the following either m***K or
normal guy. To forgive the same asshole not interested. Boring.
No variety and meaning.

And Milana interview Kerzhakova : “I came drunk from the auction, and he took
this video…”
A woman who came from some drunk is wildly sexy. This is the bottom. I would
too soon gone from this. I actually was stopped when the surface of the pulled pig
the vices of man. Luckily they weed out in the first six months, a year, quickly.
So I suggest you all immediately not to reproduce, and observe the arrow on the m***comer

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