Алена Водонаева копит штрафы за скоростные автогонки TV presenter admitted that her considered a good driver. Because of the temperamental nature and tendency to rapid movement Alena Vodonaevoy at times there are disputes on the roads. So, once the star almost became a party to a showdown with respectable men.

Last year Alain Vodonaeva changed marital status. The chosen one presenter was the DJ Alexey Cosine. In January, the couple went on a honeymoon abroad. The choice of the pair fell on the island of Bali. Shortly before the departure of Alain gave a candid interview with men’s journal, which told about their Hobbies and meeting her future husband.

Husband of Alena Vodonaevoy takes her to honeymoon

According to celebrity, her mother knew not that it was a girl, so wanted to name their child Vadim. Alena says that even then showed its character than reinforce the confidence of parents in the baby.

“In those days there was no ultrasound. And while the mother was pregnant, I called Vadim, as I was in the abdomen rather temperamental. I think Vadim is a little left in me: I am very good at driving,” – said TV presenter.

Vodonaeva admitted that she often behaves like a man on the road and collects fines for speeding. The behavior of the presenter is often a surprise to others.

“When driving ten years ago, I was christened by a real enthusiast with twenty years of experience. I can’t turn on the coin! And it’s a male trait – admitted Allen. – When I harshly clipped on the road, leaving non-Russian people of the “Gelandewagen” to block the road. And then in front of them very pregnant girl in the ninth month, and they lost the gift of speech… every month I Have a huge stack of speeding tickets”.

Due to the fact that the leading good money, she pays the statutory penalties for motorists. Alena brings income advertising in Instagram, as well as cooperation with different brands. Recently, the star posed for online casinos, following in the footsteps of rapper Vitya AK-47. By the way, in his time with the artist became viral on the Internet and spawned a number of parodies.

First job Vodonaevoy was the newspaper “the Tyumen news”, when she was 12 years old. In the future, the future TV host began working as a crime reporter, doing stories about the incident and crimes. Alena had to communicate with suspects in illegal actions and law enforcement officers, as well as to become a witness razlichnyh not a very pleasant scene. “I came with the last pair, so I did not care, I only wanted to do good material. I stress,” shared the celebrity magazine Maxim.

Alena admitted that he is not against to return to previous activities, to engage in untangling complex cases. According to the presenter, she’s into investigation and it is interesting to delve into the psychology of other people.