Алена Водонаева ответила своим хейтерам
One of the last shots of the presenter Alena Vodonaevoy caused a strong reaction of its followers.

Алена Водонаева ответила своим хейтерам

The picture shows the star imprinted in the pool in a swimsuit. Some fans admired the figure of Alena, and others began to criticize it, comparing it to the horse. In the end Vodonaeva did not remain silent, and under the following photo and wrote a post answering the detractors.

Алена Водонаева ответила своим хейтерам

“That is a life principle that dreadful woman will always write in the account of the beautiful, the ugly. Not Vice versa. No way. Beautiful do not do such things. They drink coffee in the beautiful restaurants, they have no time. And I in any case do not myself,” wrote Vodonaeva.

Recall that recently Alain critically commented on the complete people, vocativ their fans.

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